This is our online life list, in photographs and videos, of wild birds found in the Philippines. There are 673 species of birds in the Philippines, and of these 234 are endemic, or found only in the Philippines.

We became birdwatchers in May 2008. Taking pictures of birds started off simply as a means to identify the birds. It did not take long however to get hooked by the fun and challenge of capturing these wonderful birds in photographs and video. We have since gone to many places visiting areas in Batanes, Luzon, Mindoro, Bohol, Cebu, Negros, Palawan, the Sulu Sea and Mindanao.

We are members of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines We are also members of the Philippine Bird Photography Forum.  Sylvia's other blog is Tonji and Sylvia's Bird Sanctuary, about our attempt to turn a farm into a bird sanctuary.

About the Birds

Information on bird sizes, classification as to if it is an endemic, resident or migrant, as well as if the bird is rare, uncommon or common was taken from the book A Guide to the Birds of the Philippines, written by Robert S. Kennedy, Pedro C. Gonzales, Edward C. Dickinson, Hector C. Miranda Jr. and Timothy H. Fisher.This is the only complete guidebook to Philippine birds. It is referred to in this site as the Kennedy guide.

We updated our checklist in 2014 and are now following the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines Checklist of Birds of the Philippines 2013. This checklist is mainly based on IOC v 3.5 and includes species unrecorded in the Kennedy guide, updated English names, splits recognized by the IOC, and a reorganization of bird families.

About the Site

All of the photographs here are of birds in the wild. We constantly update the photos. It is our hope to improve the quality of our photos as well as try to get to photograph as many species as we encounter. We have seen more than 455 birds in the Philippines so far and have photographed 437 species. We go on trips quite often to try to see species that are new to us.

We hope you enjoy looking at our life list and learning more about wild birds and birdwatching in the Philippines. The Philippines is a beautiful country and we're enjoying learning more about it as birdwatchers. We also hope that more people learn to value, appreciate, and care for the birds of the Philippines and their habitat.

Recommended citation: Ramos, Tonji, and Sylvia Ramos. Tonji and Sylvias Birdlist. 2008 onwards. Web. <>.online life list in photographs and videos of wild birds found in the Philippines.